Wicked Walk 8/19/2015

A sweltering day in front of me, I knew getting out early would be in my best interest.  Even though it was before 8:00 a.m. I still spent 15 minutes wandering around the yard trying to get my camera lens to un-fog itself.  It is ‘un-fog’ or de-fog’?  One of the great mysteries of life I’ll waste no time googling.  I really must remember to set it outside about an hour before I want to leave, so it can un-fog itself.  Anyway, off I went.

Here is what I saw. walk cow rachelYou remember Rachel?  That adorable little calf who came home to us in a tool box late January?

My how she has grown!

walk rachel cow

Rachel says “Hi!”

I still haven’t figured out what the berries are but they are definitely the brightest thing in the forest right now.
I don’t know what made me walk out of my way to investigate this thistle but lo and behold, I found a lizard!
Cute, isn’t he?
Last week I saw a real, live snake. This week, just a skeleton.
Kinda cool.

And a deer skull, check out those front teeth!
Then another little lizard crossed my path and a frog convinced he was hidden behind a very thin pine needle. And some flowers and a feather and some clouds.

IMG_0461“Shhhh, I’m hiding!”

IMG_0468Someone lost a feather!
This tangle of vines is just the kind of place you would have found me in my youth, a perfect fairyland hide-out. Its a wonder I never had a snake bite.
Back thru the forest, homeward bound.
IMG_0484Unusual flower.  I love it.
Only to be greeted by a very mad looking little bird!
Thanks for walking with me today friends, I hope you have a lovely week!

3 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 8/19/2015

  1. Rachel is growing into a fine lady! Thanks for the update on her! Yeah, those tangled vines remind me of my childhood! My 1st cousin and I built so many huts, forts, dammed up small streams, prayed for little puppies to come back to life that a mean old man killed & just explored our little worlds with wide eyed imagination and wonder! Those were the days my friends, we thought they’d never end! Oh, God didn’t revive the puppies but we decided God needed them in heaven for little boys and girls to play with! We felt so relieved after that!


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