Wicked Walk 1/21/2015

This Wednesday began perfectly brilliant and I thought “hmm, I’ve got heaps of time to walk on this beautiful, sunny day”.  This resulted in my procrastination to the evening hours which brought not only low light but rain and cold.  Pitter patter on my head was the tune I danced to along our back forty.  I like rain.  I just like it from the inside of a house.  In front of a fire place.  With a glass of wine.  And a book.  And a blanket.

Here is what I saw.

In the rain.

walk mossMoss!  Moss loves the rain.  No wine required.

Apparently squirrels don’t mind either, one recently enjoyed a pine cone supper here……

wakl pineMr. Squirrel was kept company by Mrs. Black Fungi-Looking-Squishy-Thing.  On a stick.

walk fungiAnd all her cousins……

walk fungi walk fungiFungi have LOTS of cousins…..

They were soon joined by a frantic Aunt Ant, you know how family is!

walk any fungiEspecially those crazy Aunt Ants!

Thankfully a pretty fern cooled the scene off a bit.

walk fernwalk fern

I love ferns.

Moving on I spied a neat tree with a notable amount of moss.

walk treeMoss is awesome.

walk mossMoving right along….

 Ending at the trestle, a bit soaked and cold I snapped a couple more shots before scurrying home.

walk trainwalk trainUntil next week peeps, love ya’!


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