What not to say.

Females have a remarkable ability.  They can tote about an itsy-bitsy egg until it is fertilized, let another small human develop a complete, tiny body inside them with an extremely accommodating belly then extract the little creature via painful pushes and sometimes incisions.  A truly amazing process.  I have a good friend who has done this five times and not only brought forth children into the world, she brought forth five beautiful, funny, unique girls.

Recently a man driving by in a pick-up truck shouted to her “You’re a good breeder!”

Note to all.  “You’re a good breeder” is not a good thing to say to a woman with five kids.  And if that is what you are THINKING, let it stay up there in your brain.  Don’t share it, okay?


ChristinFive perfect girls on a Christmas card.  Good breeding need not be announced or questioned.

2 thoughts on “What not to say.

  1. Thank heaven for little girls, without them what would little boys do! Maurice Chevalier song from long long ago! I have two purdy girls except I ain’t too sure about the boys they picked for life! (:-((


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