I wonder…..

I told Addie to make her bed.

addieI wonder where she plans on sleeping…….

addieThe catfish looks stressed out by all the new residents on the bed.

addieOnly a six-year-old.


5 thoughts on “I wonder…..

  1. Kids! Never know what is coming out of those little minds & mouths! At least she will sleep in a room with all those “eyes”! Our youngest grandson (about six at the time) bolted from a room we thought he would love to sleep in at a friends vacation cabin one time! There were stuffed critters on a shelf all around the top walls! After a short time when the lights went out he came out of the room and said, “I can’t sleep with all those eyes staring at me”! Oh well! Welcome to the room with grandma and grandpa! He’s the same one that laid on a pallet we made for him by our bed when he was 4 or so & in about 5 minutes after the lights went out (& we were half asleep) he called out to my wife & said, “I would feel much better sleeping on the bed with an adult”! Oh well, we slept sandwich style with a wiggle worm in between us!

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