Rachel gets Friends

Rachel will turn one month old next week and finally got some friends in her own species group.  Mind you these are not permanent friends, they’ll go back to their own home in a few months, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

One friend even looks a bit like her, only our Rachel is WAY cuter.  Naturally.

rachelThey arrived in style late Tuesday afternoon.  The horses were very curious about the goings on.

rachelI think they know they get to chase the little buggers.

rachelRachel didn’t know what to think at first…..

rachel calvesBut was making friends in no time!

rachel calves“Hi!  I didn’t know I had a twin!  May I nuzzle you please?  Of COURSE I can!  We are family!”  “Dude, we’ve never met”

“What?!  Fine, be that way.”

rachel“My Mama loves me, even when I stick my tongue out in public.”

Keep growing my little friend!

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