Wicked Walk 2/11/2015

I spent the first half of Wednesday baking heart-shaped cookies for our homeschool group decorating party, which was also held at my house.  We decorated and ate and had fun.  Then my good friend Amanda helped me prune my fruit trees,  It was the most stressful thing I think I’ve ever done.  There are no words.  But more on that another day.  Plus, I had promised my husband 2 days in a row I would paint the H-braces on our acre across the road.  We are putting in a campground and he wanted to finish the fence.  I combined the fence painting with my walk.

Here is what I saw.

walk wirewalk mossI have a serious love of moss.


???????????????????????????????The sun was quickly falling so I hurried along.  The somewhat wild landscape will change drastically as we continue to clean up, I’m glad I got a chance to get some pictures before we do.

walk mossPurdy moss on a purdy rock.

But those fence posts won’t paint themselves!

walk fenceBefore.

walk fenceAfter.

I like painting.  I like seeing the practically immediate improvement.

Nosey was not impressed.

walk noseyAnd I got finished right before dark….

walk postOur fence is so straight!  Yay for us!

walk sunGoodbye Mr. Sun!

Thanks for walking AND working with me today!


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