Snow Day

First of all let me say, I know this winter has sucked (sorry Mom, I know you hate that word), but it has sucked.  And I know everyone and anyone who lives north of I 20 has REALLY been getting it, here in Maydelle we have been mostly spared.  I think I’m going to turn into a frozen mummy if it gets below 40 degrees and I don’t care for snow unless I’m skiing on it.  But Addie is 6 years old.  And it finally snowed here at her very own house last Wednesday morning.  She could not have been more thrilled!

I was thrilled when it was all melted by 2 o’clock that afternoon.

We headed out together and I tried to capture some her awe and wonder on film.

Well, not film.  I haven’t used film in years.  But ‘capture her awe and wonder on digital card’ just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Oh well.  Here is our little adventure in pictures.

Yes, we wanted to build a snowman.  So we did.

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