Wicked Walk 2/25/2015

Big News!  It SNOWED.  Like, here, in Texas!  Where I live!  Sure it only snowed about 4 hours then promptly melted but it was pretty and it was fun while it lasted.  Snow isn’t my most favorite thing but I must admit, I was glad it was on a Wednesday so I was forced to walk in it and share it with all of you, my fair readers!

Here is what I saw.

walk snowA rare sight indeed.

All the pretty buds and flowers were shivering….

walk flower snowPoor dears.

Addie came along for the walk…..

walk addie snowAnd some of the fungi we took pictures of a few weeks ago, it was shivering too.

walk fungi snowFunny how snow makes everything look different, even just a little snow.

walk moss snowThe berries had frozen droplets all over them….

walk berry snowThen it started coming down pretty heavy so it was time to head back.

walk addie snowThanks for joining us on what will probably be the only snowy walk of the year!


5 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 2/25/2015

  1. Oooo I love, love, love this post!!! Your beautiful little girl, obviously, but also those dripping berries and the ice encrusted fungus. Just gorgeous! Thanks for letting me tag along… Mother Hen


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