Mud is Healthy

I get a kick out of people who are afraid to let their kids get dirty.  Now, I’m not saying you should let them lick the grocery cart handle, but a little honest mud (you know, dirt and water), never hurt anybody.  Yes, one in a million catch some weird, awful, unheard of mud disease but for the  most part I say its pretty safe.  And healthy.  And fun.  And free.  Win for everybody!

Addie reminded me on the warmest day of the year thus far, that mud is awesome.

addieAnd the chickens don’t mind it either.  As a matter of fact I think they were rather intrigued.

addie chickenAddie made extra mud by toting water in an old, green glass bottle.

IMG_2890The Brabanter was all about mud making….

addieThe others just wanted a snack.

addieI obliged them so Addie could have some peace whilst playing.

I love her little mud-coated fingers and toes.

About an hour after she began her art was deemed complete.  Mind you seeking the perfect toppers took considerable time.

addieStripe-Stripe came to check it out.

addie?????So we have to work on chicken art appreciation.

I thought they were great!

Now, go let your kids play in the mud!

3 thoughts on “Mud is Healthy

  1. Raising two daughters, having our first grandchild be born a girl and a now a first great grandchild a girl I have had many mud treats “served” to me along with make up smeared on me and my hair “hair sprayed” into something that looked like a dead weed patch, I can appreciate pictures of pretty girl making a “treat” out of mud! She is so cute and blessed to have a mommy that appreciates God’s dirt and the fun it provides!


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