Great weather……for a Slug.

Don’t click this post if slugs gross you out ~ fair warning.  It has been raining for what feels like 40 days and 40 nights.  Looks a bit like it too, water in the driveway, water in the yard, water on the road, water in the chicken pen, water in the garden, water falling from the sky………but the slugs are happy.  Even though I’m 99.99 percent sure my potatoes are rotten, the slugs don’t care.  They are EVERYWHERE.  Addie has decided to save them.

All of them.slugShe has spent the better part of the morning boxing them up and carting them to greener pastures so to speak.

slugAll shapes, all sizes, none were safe….eeerrrr…..left behind!  Yes, no slug left behind!

It’s a government program ya’ know.

slugThis one was less than thrilled to be included in the program and attempted escape.

slugBut with signs everywhere, his escape was hopeless……

He was promptly put back in jail……I mean the government program.

Also known as “The Box”

slugBut there goes another one out the side!


addie slugThough I must admit a cuter jailer I’ve never seen.

Good luck guys…..

slugMay your trails be slimy, your troubles be few, your children plentiful and your life long.  In spite of Addie AND the government.


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