Bird Babies

A few weeks back Addie came to me with an announcement.  “There is a bird’s nest in my fort!”  This was followed by a similar exclamation of “There are THREE eggs!”  Then there were 5 eggs and 2 days ago Addie came back into the house, breathless, gasping “There are BIRDS and they are doing THIS!”……………….

addie“You wanna come see them?!”

Of course I did, so I followed.

addieGetting into the fort is easy for Addie at less than 60 pounds and 6 years old.

For me and my unspoken poundage and 32 years, it is a bit more challenging.  But the little birds were calling!

addieaddieOh my gosh.

Each time I got my camera near to take a photo their little beaks opened up, waiting for a squiggly, squishy, delicious treat.

birdCuteness overload.

birdThey are so fuzzy and little and adorable.

birdI’ll try and keep you posted on their progress, as long as Addie, and their mother, don’t mind!

bird addie

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