Wicked Walk 4/15/2015

April 15th.  Tax day in the states, yet having mine turned in with 48 hours to spare, I was able to walk in peace.

Here is what I saw.

walk flowerAt the end of our driveway, in the morning sun, a plain purple flower seemed quite glamorous to me.

spider walkAnd some little spiders have been mighty busy overnight.

walk flowerFleabane Daisys.  I love’em.

walk blackberryAnd these blackberries, I’ll really love them in another month or so!

walk campgroundThey are right in front of our campground, which is almost ready for visitors.  Yay!

walk campgroundAll we lack is our outhouse.  Outhouses are very important.

walk trainThe train tracks are ready for action!

walk flowerQueen Anne’s Lace.  I think.

walk roadI love how the light shafts are coming thru the trees here…….

walk crowsSome crows were having a meeting up ahead……

And some ferns kindly provided shade, for much smaller birds.

walk blackberryFirst blackberry I’ve spied this year!

After traipsing thru a lovely field I’m pretty sure I didn’t belong in I crossed a creek…..

walk creekTwice.  The first time I hopped over.  The second time I had to rely on a semi-rotten log…..

walk logNosey liked the cool water below.

walk logI liked when I reached the other side without falling.  See the owl tag on my camera?  Photo Bomb in the forest!  Haha!

The rest of the walk was filled with more trees and flowers and dirt roads……

And butterflies.  There were butterflies as well.

walk butterflywalk butterflyThen home again, home again, jiggyty jog!

walk roadHave a great Hump day everyone!

4 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 4/15/2015

  1. I thought maybe the stack of firewood could be an outhouse! Works for this ole country boy! Love the dirt country roads! They look smoother than ours in Georgia! Your county must scrape often!


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