All through the South folks anxiously wait the entire winter long for crawfish season to start.  And when it does you can bet there isn’t a mudbug safe from here to Atlanta!  We have at least 2 boils every spring and this year my husband decided he wanted to go all out and host a boil for his customers.  175 pounds of crawfish, 25 pounds of potatoes, 15 onions, 10 sticks of butter, 20 lemons and 50 ears of corn later we were all set. We started by rinsing them off really well.  Some people purge them first but these were already really clean.

crawfishRob rinses.  Addie plays.

After they are nice and clean they hop right into the pot!
crawfishAnd into some nice, boiling water.  Rob assists them in their task.  After that it is just a waiting game.

Merciful heavens, I love a man with an oven mitt!

crawfish As soon as they are deemed ready we give’em a shot of butter and lemon.


Soak’em, soak’em, soak’em!

crawfishPour’em out on the table, line up and get to peeling!

rob crawfish

Addie isn’t much on crawfish, as evident from her expression above.  The rest of us didn’t have any issues eating them.

Our recently completed barn proved to be the perfect venue for our event.  Yay!

barnSo it isn’t really CLASSY but it was fun!

barnExcept for the calf bottle and the broom and the drill hiding behind a cooler.  Nothing is perfect I guess!

Except this.

Crawfish and Coors Beer.  Texas Staples.  And pretty darn perfect ones at that.

crawfishRound-by-round we cooked them all!

IMG_5239crawfishThese ones had HUGE claws, I like the claw meat even better than the tails therefore I was thrilled!

The kids played with them, they thought this was the best part of the entire weekend!

kason crawfish

Stripe-Stripe even joined in the fun!

When all was said, done and eaten we kicked back for a relaxing afternoon with friends.

kc crawfishAddie even made me a lunch plate to carry to work the next day!

addie crawfishWhew!  I can hardly wait until next year!

3 thoughts on “Crawfish!

  1. And that’s how to keep and gain new customers! PR country style! Kinda like a low country boil or big fish fry that they have around these parts!

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