Wicked Walk 4/29/2015

The last Wednesday in April was cool, clear and glorious!  All I had to do that day was see the dentist at 2:00 plus run some small errands.  So I took it upon myself to go up to the main section of the state forest surrounding our home for a lengthy, leisurely, restful walk.

Here is what I saw.

walk forestThe stone plaque, a tribute to the forest’s namesake, greeted me.

And I went along down the familiar path until I reached the old stone fireplace…..

walk fireplaceWhile not as impressive as the Rock Chimney I discovered awhile back it is still pretty darn cool.

Yet I moved on…….

Much of the trail was thick in red. clay, mud from the rain we have been getting weekly since Christmas. One reason I’ve limited my walks close to home…..

walk mudI was about 4 inches taller by the end of the walk!  Ha!

flower walkI love the forest in spring!

The flowers are fragrant and the berries are ready to eat!  I ate…..several.

I love this walk……

walk forestI’ve been treading these trails most of my life and I never tire of them

walk flowerAlways fresh……..

walk flowerAlways full of life and beauty.

Thanks for walking with me today!

I love you peeps!

4 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 4/29/2015

  1. Berry, berry nice! Beautiful part of Texas! I watched too many cowboy movies as a kid so I have this impression of Texas as rocky, dusty and dry! Nice park!


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