Dude, I went to a Biker Rally

My mom has a picture of me when I was about 6 years old, riding my dad’s Harley with him.  That was the coolest I’ve ever been and the pinnacle of my biker days.  Except for a brief period in my early 20’s when I found myself in possession of a “crotch rocket” I couldn’t operate.  But that is another story.  Todays story is about a biker rally in Nacogdoches, Texas.  My friend John, also known as my work husband due to the fact I spent more time with him than any other human for around 10 years, is a BBQ genius and competes regularly.  Not only does he compete, he usually wins!  His chicken is so delicious you will want to faint! Only don’t.  Because if you faint others will eat it all up before you can revive.  So John was competing at this biker rally cook-off and invited me to come check it out.  As I had never seen him in action I took him up on the offer and headed to Nacogdoches, the oldest town in Texas.

bikerI wasn’t exactly sure what to wear to a biker rally and since my black pleather pants have been gone since 1998 I opted for a khaki skirt, flip-flops and a cheery blue t-shirt.  I’d like to show you the only other 3 people wearing blue at the rally.

biker 2 Don’t ask me what the girl in the middle is wearing.  I am not sure.

And while the fashion may have been questionable, the personalities were not.  Everyone was friendly and accommodating.

biker 6

This lady may have been OVER accommodating a tad bit.

biker 8

“Wonder Woman called and wants her panties back, pretty please!”

biker 18

Exactly what I felt, I know what you mean dude. Le sigh.

I’ll say this, these people know how to have fun!  They began Biker Games not long after I arrived.  They all involved burning out, balls, kegs and wieners.

No inhibitions here! It was really an educational experience for me.

In this game the driver drives really slow while the rider picks up then replaces balls on cones. Balls on cones. hehehe.

This game the rider has to consumer a hot dog dangling from a string while in motion.

See the hot dog dangling there?
biker 35biker 36And she’s got it boys!  I don’t think I could play this game, it seemed a bit vulgar, at least for in public!  I’m more of a Scattergories person.

On another note…..why do bikers wear black?  It has got to be REALLY hot.

biker 17

Wandering away from the wieners I took a few more pictures before getting down to the real reason for my visit, BBQ!
biker 10biker 16biker 23

I was distracted a few minutes by another cook-off team who made a little fun of their own via street dancing! The music was so loud, no matter where you wandered it was easily heard and they decided to take full advantage!

biker 24

It looked like SO much fun I wanted to join in! But that would have been really awkward considering I knew none of them. Still, I was jealous of the fun!

My tummy was speaking to me, reminding me I was starving so I found John, getting his collar straight, preparing to accept the awards he was bound to get!

biker 33

Braun was there too, another friend and competation BBQ’er.  There are three in the circle, John, Braun and Oley.  They are like the Holy Trinity of local BBQ and between them win almost everything all the time.  Good people to know!

biker 32

“Hi Braun”

Awaiting results is serious business.
biker 44

But not to worry!

A sweep!
biker 46biker 43
Oley and John sharing a friendly “We kicked their booty!” fist bump. Only they probably didn’t say “booty” but this is a family-friendly blog folks!
biker 47biker 48
Way to go guys! And thanks for the leftovers!
I didn’t have to cook for 3 days.

2 thoughts on “Dude, I went to a Biker Rally

  1. Worth a trip to Texas to try that bbq chicken! Gotta be good to beat my brother-in-laws chicken! Glad no biker gangs showed up!


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