Wicked Walk 5/20/2015

I was in Nacogdoches yet again for work and Addie was my helper for the entire 10 hour day.  After we closed down the store we needed to stretch our legs a bit and since it wasn’t raining, thank God, we went over to the arboretum at Stephen F. Austin state university.  SFA happened to be the location I acquired a good deal of my higher education.  A really lovely campus.  And the gardens there have never been more glorious.

This is what we saw.

Flowers, flowers EVERYWHERE!

Addie and I were both in awe.  The lizard was not as impressed.

walk lizard

So Addie caught one of his family members, I think he was terrified.

walk addie lizard

Not only were there flowers and lizards but lots of bugs!walk bug
All part of a healthy eco-system!
walk flower
There are little signs everywhere informing folks who want to know, the name of each flower. I failed to catch this one’s name but isn’t it unique?

walk garden

Can I please have this in my yard?  Maybe one day…..

I don’t recall what fruit this is but the flowers are awesome.  I want a skirt that looks like them!

Moving on past the flower garden, we entered the shade garden.

walk addie

A most inviting place!

walk addiewalk addie gardenJust look at how small Addie appears under these lovelies.

walk garden

I can’t imagine how many hours upon hours of labor it takes to keep everything just so.

walk garden

“Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful’ and sitting in the shade”.
walk addie garden
This was my favorite part! A cypress-covered walkway!
walk addie garden
It was like being in a fairy tale!
walk garden trees
I want to live here.
This snake, he DOES live here. And was, like the lizard, terrified when surrounded by college students, bicylces and Addie.

Poor snake.
walk garden
We started making our way back, a good thing about the pathways, they are designed so you may walk back on a path different than the one you arrived on! Yay for effective planning!
walk addie garden
Then I made a mistake. I asked Addie to take my picture. I realized, after handing her the camera, I have given birth to a picture Nazi. As soon as my Canon entered her control, her posture improved and she began spewing out commands like a drill sergrant. “Stand here! No, not there, THERE!” I move over 2 inches. “Yes, like that, now get closer to that flower, NO, THAT flower” sighs aubily. “Do you THINK you could be still?” She is a demon I tell you!
walk rachel garden
But look at that face, I love her.
walk addie garden
One more flower…..
walk flower
And we said goodbye……
walk garden
With plans to return soon with more time and a picnic basket!
Thanks for walking with us today!

6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 5/20/2015

  1. I loved your walk…so different from the ranch I grew up on outside of Houston. I hope you are escaping all the horrible weather that Texas has been having.


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