Wicked Walk 7/8/2015

I have a confession to make.  I did not walk on July the 8th.  I spent 4 hours doing laundry at the neighbors because our sewer backed up into the kitchen which translates loosely to bad smells and no using the washing machine, dish washer, sinks, toilets or showers.  Ugh.  Add this to me being daft enough to sign up for Vacation Bible School each night from 6 until 9 p.m.  And well, a host of other things in the 100+ degree Texas heat and…..I just wasn’t up to the task.  I did, however, go fairly early Saturday morning to run thru the woods, I saw 2 deer and 2 snakes, all to fast for me and my camera but that is neither here nor there.

Here is what I saw.

And managed to take a picture of.

On Saturday.  Not Wednesday.

walk tree

When I go to walk I normally take the path on the south side of the road, this time I went north.

walk flower

Maybe my subconscious was hoping it would be cooler on the north side.

It wasn’t.

walk tree

Still, it is always nice to get outside and see God’s creation firsthand.

Especially the frogs.

walk frog

Seriously, how cute it that?

Amazing to me how so many pretty things grow in this heat!

walk flower

An hour later I was a little lost, not bad lost, just a little lost.  So I decided to head for the car as best I could.

walk forest woods

Passing by a giant weed forest………

walk wasp

….a wasp also seeking shade beneath a leaf.

walk butterfly

And a butterfly.
Now, lets play ‘Spot the Volvo’.
walk tree woods
Ha! I always find my way home. Thank goodness.
One shot beneath the pine and home we go!
walk tree
Thanks for walking with me today!

6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 7/8/2015

  1. I get the drift from other walks that you love frogs! Did you once upon a time on one of your walks find a frog a kiss it to get your husband? Haha! I love the pine forest with all the green vegetation on the forest floor! Walk on sister!


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