Wicked Walk 7/1/2015

Coming back from a trip is always a nice thing.  East or west, home is best!  Stripe-Stripe was glad to see me along with all my other little creatures.

Here is what I saw.

At home.

walk chicken

This is Stripe-Stripe’s “Where have you been Mama!?!” face.

walk chicken

This is her ‘looking at a flower face’.

walk flower

 It was a lovely flower.

walk horse

Max came to the fence to visit as well.  Fairly close to this squash that decided to grow here……

walk flower

Oh look!  A froglet!  Cuteness!

walk frog

I love little frogs.

walk horse

Max and Tater in a brief moment of niceness.  A rare sight indeed.

walk bottle

This bottle sticking out of the ground caught my eye so I strolled over to investigate.  Many moons ago there was a house and barn sitting where our new barn is today.  In a small batch of woods close by we often find all sorts of little treasures.  And once I find a bottle or pretty piece of glass I can’t seem to stop looking for more and more until I have a very respectable pile.  Today was no different.

walk glass

Most of the things I find are broken but sometimes I find things in perfect condition.

walk bottle

After much careful digging I extracted this pretty blue bottle.  You will see it all washed up at the end.

walk mirror

This was a curious looking handle.  I was hoping to find out what it was…….

walk mirror

I wonder who this belonged to.  If she gazed in it on her wedding day.  If her little girl stole glances at herself when no one was looking.

I wonder…….

walk mirror

History you can hold.  How cool is that?

walk bottle

I need to go get this bottle, it is still in the dirt.

walk mushroom

Next to this mushroom and funny little pod things on an oak leaf.

walk leaf

One more find…….

walk pitcher

and how I wish it wasn’t broken!  I know it was a lovely pitcher in its time.

Mooooving along…….”Hi Rachel!”

walk rachel calf

“Hi Bon Jovi!”

walk rooster

“Hi adorable little mushroom all by yourself!”
walk mushroomAnd back to the house we go.

walk mushroomwalk mosswalk plant

I cleaned up a couple of the bottles and graced them with zinnas.

walk bottlewalk bottle

Thanks for walking with AND treasure hunting with me today!

Have a good one y’all!

7 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 7/1/2015

  1. The Phillips Milk of Magnesia bottle sure had the owners on the move as they emptied it! Beautiful bottle, awful tasting (former contents) & people who saw “blessed relief” from sitting on the toilet grunting to no avail! Bon Jovi is my favorite so move over Stripe Stripe as he reminds me of my old rock dj days! Oh my, I was as cool as him or at least I was a legend in my mind! Haha! Glad you had a good safe trip!


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