Wicked Walk 7/15/2015

July is always hot in Texas and today was no exception.  I had recently been commissioned to feed the neighbors creatures so I awoke early and walked there and back, taking photos along the way.

Here is what I saw.


Roadside nettles are always pretty!


Morning sunlight thru the trees and on some pinecones….


At one point there were 3 dwelling here.  Now there are only 2 but a few roses and cacti remain by the 3rd……


Prickly things, those cacti!  Just ask the little oak leaf!


A polk berry not yet matured by a net wire fence and a very mature elephant ear.


The previous owners left all kinds of things in a shed out back.  While I didn’t venture in, a couple of things caught my eye.


A pretty old lamp, wasting away.


A glass doorknob whose glory days are long past.


And a once cheery door……cheery no more.


But there are birds and horses……


Flowers and Mushrooms…..
The world keeps rolling ’round and ’round.  No matter how many pretty lamps are left unattended.

Thanks for walking with me today!

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