Wicked Walk 7/something/2015

Were I a real chicken, I would be molting, sitting, flopping and doing every unattractive chicken-thing imaginable right now.  While I’ve had 2 lovely vacations the past 6 weeks, the in-betweens have been riddled with hardship enough for a century.  Which is why, for the first time in 14 months, I’ve not a walk to really share with you today.  I’ve had a postponed walk here and there over the course of time since I began but never a complete miss!  I’ll not sadden nor burden you with details, Stripe-Stripe’s loss was enough of a blow in itself.  I’ve lost an additional 14 hens and 1 roo not to mention the drought and people problems in general.  Plus my horrid computer failure!  And it is freaking hot.  Like almost a hundred every day the last 2 weeks.

But that is neither here nor there.

I’d like to share with you, instead of a traditional walk, some pictures from our first weekend at the beach together.

Here are a few things we saw.  Last weekend.


I have to admit.  I’ve never been a beach bum nor can I swim, other than a pitiful, dog-paddle like motion.

Yet, the ocean captivated me.  I could not get enough of it.

beach crab

The shells……not to mention the little crabs housed inside!

beach crab

Completely loveable.

beach crab

We spent one day at Moody Gardens which was well worth a visit……

But just being at the beach was my favorite part.

beach rachel

I’ll bet you didn’t know chickens wore pink tops with polka-dotted bathing suits and funny hats did ya’?!?

Well.  We do.  As well as getting burned to a crisp.  As in, serving point on a three-day-old buffet, serving point.  We REMEMBER sunscreen.  We just don’t always remember to apply it.  Which is key.

And we enjoy fishing……


I caught one.  He was rather impressive, don’t you think?  Hahaha!

We also like to watch our chicks enjoy the ocean.

beach addiebeach addiebeach addie

Not only do the chicks have fun….they discover the tiniest crabs EVER!

beach crab

I thought it was a tick at first, it was so small!  But when it started scuttling sideways I knew I had a little crab-pal in my hand!

There were some birds nearby who would have been glad to have him I think….

beach birdbeach birdbeach bidbeach bird

But the little dude stayed safe with us!

At least for a few minutes!

beach rob

My husband patiently toted us around on the golf cart picking up shells, taking pictures, getting sunburns and making memories.

I hope you all have a great day and thanks for joining me on the very-not-a-walk.

Love ya’.

10 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 7/something/2015

  1. So sorry about Stripe – Stripe. Loss in any form is hard. The only good thing about it, I’ve discovered is that it makes you truly appreciate what you have still. Which, by these photos – indicates you have done just that!


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