Wicked Walk 7/29/2015

Getting ready for yet another journey, I spent Wednesday scurrying about preparing and working to ensure everything went smoothly in my absence.  However, Addie and I went for a quick walk and ride thru the forest in the early morning hours while the heat had not yet penetrated the canopy of leaves.  It was very pleasant although much too brief.

Here is what we saw.

walk cat agent

 Agent Orange, our aptly named cat, is not interested in walking nor in physical activity of any kind.

walk sunrise

We didn’t tell him we cheated and took the golf cart!

It was beautiful.

Even with an old airstream trailer in the field.

walk deer


These were actually the second group we saw. The first one didn’t stay long enough for a good picture.
walk deerThe little one was so cute, its ears were the biggest thing about him!
walk deerThey finally took off, their 5 or 6 companion’s bolting off with them!
walk addieAddie was pretty tickled to be able to watch them a few minutes.
I was thrilled to be out in general.

walk mistIt was so pretty!

walk sunrise trees

As the sun rose, so did the temp.  So we headed back home…….

walk spider

Seeing about 10 more deer and a spider web along the way……
walk sunrise
Home Again.
Thanks for joining us today!

7 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 7/29/2015

  1. Beautiful deer! I think your Texas deer also have little calendar apps on their phones like ours that tell them it isn’t hunting season yet! When the first day of hunting season arrives they depart around here!


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