Wicked Walk 8/12/2015

It hasn’t rained in our part of the state since late June.  As far as I can see there are only 2 benefits to this fact.  Number one-the local water department is making a fortune off me and mine trying to keep trees alive.  Number two-the forest smells glorious.  The scent of dried pine and late summer leaves is quite intoxicating.  And as long as nothing catches on fire we are all in good shape I reckon.  I walked fairly early, as is my custom these last few weeks.

Here is what I saw.

walk moss

The moss is hanging on to just a tinge, or ‘tinch’ as my Addie would say, of green. ‘Tinch’ (pronounced “Teen-ch”) I think it is quite a good word and I plan on incorporating it into my everyday vocabulary.

walk bird

This little bird is hoping for some rain soon I bet……….

August is an odd time of the year.  Not really summer, not yet fall.  Just bloody hot with nature hanging in the delicate balance between seasons.  There is more of a breath of anticipation here than any other time I believe.  Spring brings new life and blossoms that we all know shall be brief thus tailed by a long, hot summer.  Fall however, brings a promise of relief from sweltering heat, colorful leaves and cheerful fires.  And Christmas!  Yay!


This pine cone has the right idea, things are looking up my friends!

walk web

For the spider, working tirelessly night after night, hope springs eternal.

walk flower

One of the last purple flowers of summer…….


Sadly, I’ve noticed the hot and dry season has been more than many mimosa trees could bear.  There are a good number dead and dying.

walk berry

But isn’t this clump of berries cheerful?

As I walked along I took special care to scan the road in front of me for snakes….almost back home I looked down at my camera a moment and nearly stepped on this guy!

walk snake

Sneaky Snake!

walk snake

I know there is a place in God’s world for all the creatures but snakes……..I’m just not a fan.

walk snake

Goodbye Mr. Sneaky Snake, and I hope we never meet again!

Thanks for walking me with today, until next time!

One thought on “Wicked Walk 8/12/2015

  1. I love your walks except for one thing, I don’t get any exercise! Maybe I can march around the computer while I enjoy the things you see! Haha! Looking forward to fall myself! Snakes are satanic! I give them lots of room!

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