Wicked Walk 11/26/2015

I spent last Wednesday franticly baking, cooking, scrubbing, scurrying and basically losing my mind in preparation of Thanksgiving.  The lady I work for was hosting thirty people.  My grandparents on my mother’s side were hosting thirty-two people and my dad’s side, twenty-three.  And I got to help all of them.  Which was great and glorious and fine, however.  No pictures were taken that day.  Instead I focused my efforts on Thanksgiving itself.  I’ll not torture you with food pictures.  These are a few, simple shots from my grandfathers farm.

Here is what I saw.

I love spending time here, it is one of my happy places.

walk barn

 My granddad, Pawpaw, built this barn from scratch over 60 years ago.

walk meadow pond

And behind the barn…….

walk barn

And the path to the other barn.

This old holly tree stands nearby……

walk tree

The carvings in the trunk are so high, no one can reach them anymore.

walk tree cows

Cows making their way to the pond for a cool drink……

walk barn meadow

And the pies were calling my name so I headed that direction…….

Seeing Pawpaw had already made the coffee.

walk pawpaw
I am thankful for this man, I am thankful for all my family, no matter how crazy, annoying or odd they may be. (Love you guys!)

And I’m thankful for you, my dear readers. I hope your day is awesome, I’m glad you could walk with me today!

10 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 11/26/2015

  1. A happy place! I’ll just add some critter sound effects and chill! Tell your granddad I will gladly pay a royalty fee for the pictures he allowed as this is truly one of the happiest places on earth! At least for me!


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