Wicked Walk 12/2/2015

Wednesday, December 2nd, was, I assume, glorious.

I would not know.  I felt like hell.  Or death warmed over.  Maybe even death warmed over in hell, if there is such a thing.  But that doesn’t make sense because if I felt like death warmed over and I was in hell, it would be really hot.  Not warm.

I took a lot of cold medicine.

Anyway.  I decided to show you part of my house.

Here is what I saw.

Well, see, like, what I see every day.

Never mind.

walk home

So, Addie recently set up shop in her room.  Among the items for sale, shells and acorns.  My husband bought both.

This is a painting I did a few weeks ago.  Yes, I know it is not Monet but I had fun.

walk painting home

My husbands cowboy hat, resting on the bedpost as usual.

walk hat

I’m not sure what the top of your microwave looks like, but this is mine.

walk home owl

Peaches thinks I am deranged.

I think he may be right.

walk cat

Our living room, one of four deer.  If you don’t like eyeballs everywhere, don’t come to my house.

walk deer home

Eyeballs are seriously everywhere.  This is on the piano bench…..

walk home

Meanwhile in the kitchen……

walk painting home

I do like my sunset……..

walk owl home

“I’m always watching you”

When you have a child, extra eyes never hurt.

walk addie

Also, your walls are no longer your own……

walk map

This is my dining room wall, but, that’s okay.

walk home

I get to color.  A lot.

And on the book shelf.  A geode we got at the rock show, an owl I got at the antique mall, an oyster shell clump I found at the beach, a sign that only I like and books galore.

And Peaches had to check out Willie, Willie showed up yesterday and looks as if she is here to stay!

walk cat

Thanks for coming along today, I’m sure I’ll feel better soon.  And, I don’t know about y’all but I love creeping around other people’s houses, so I didn’t think you’d mind creeping around mine.  🙂

p.s. brief publishing update.  Willie is now officially a house cat.

Like we needed another one.

Also, I am well.  Thank God.

4 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 12/2/2015

  1. Maybe the new cat could of been named Cream! Haha! The eyes comment made me think of our youngest grandson when he was about 4 or 5! We were enjoying the cabin of some friends in the mountains and we put him in a bedroom with a gazillion stuffed critters and of course 2 gazillion eyes looking toward the bed! He promptly protested after a few minutes in the bed when the lights went out that he couldn’t sleep because of the eyes staring at him! We were baffled at first until we understand his concern! He was full of little kid sayings of which we remind him of now that he is a towering young man! From the minds and mouths of babes! God bless the children of which I’m proud to be an elder member! I love your chicken yard painting!


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