Wicked Walk 12/16/2015

It’s almost Christmas and all the crazies are out shopping.  At least, I guess they are, I wouldn’t know.

I don’t want to know.

Instead, I’ll share some sights captured in the early morning hours.

Here is what I saw.

walk dog nosey

Nosey thought we were going for a real, bone-fide walk. Not just a trek thru the yard.
Maybe next time old girl…..
walk tree
The dew and fog were heavy, it was lovely.
A yard spider had been busy all night…..
walk web
And Hippo was ready for breakfast.
walk horse
However, giving the horses breakfast is not currently in my job description. That’s Rob’s job.
Moving right along…..
walk tree
I keep waiting on this tree to fall on me. But it isn’t dead. Yet.
walk leaf
There aren’t a lot of leaves left, but the Sweetgums seem to hold on longer than the rest.
walk rooster chicken
Cruising by the chicken pen, I noticed Bon Jovi doing some serious head-banging.
Apparently he inspired the girls. Or terrified them. Something happened because I already had three eggs. Yay!
walk eggs
Moving right along, check out this spider web, doesn’t it look like a pearl necklace?
walk web tree
I want to wear it.
walk mosswalk moss
And moss. Just because it’s pretty.

The rest of the horses were getting ready for breakfast too.
walk horsewalk horsewalk horse
Hippo tried to convince Tater to feed him.
walk horse
It didn’t work.
walk horse
Don’t worry, they all got breakfast. They are like freaking hobbits. They get a first breakfast and second breakfast and lunch and tea and happy hour and dinner and midnight snacks.
Thanks for joining me today! I hope you have a joyful, safe and merry Christmas!

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