Wicked Walk 2/2/2016

I never dreamed I’d be taking a walk the second day of February in 78 degree weather.  My fashionable sweat shirt was entirely too warm.  Yet, there I was, walking the back woods around 4:00 p.m.  Poor Addie, I left confined to math homework, which resulted in many tears before the days end.  Bloody math.

Here is what I saw.

walk flower

New, spring flowers.  Dying to be given enough warm days and sunshine to thrive…..

walk flower

Life, life is everywhere. And, if you recall the tragic taking of life last week you will be happy to know the Polish lives. At least for know. As a matter of fact, if she makes it I fear I’ve created a diva. The hot oatmeal and scrambled eggs she has been receiving daily may not sit well when she is out of ICU. Here she is, doing well.  You know, I really don’t understand math.  I’m thankful for those that do……but.  It really is quite evil on a seven-year old’s heart.

walk chicken
She appears not to appreciate the gross amount of care she has required over the last week. That’s okay. I love her.

walk flower
Aren’t these lovely?
walk flower
And these, these are about to burst into lovely, white clusters whose fragrance I adore more than any on earth. I am a lucky girl.
walk flower
Still, lucky as I am. There are still things missing. Out of whack. Out of time. Out of focus.
For example. Today, there were several lovely bulbs, branches, birds and tiny objects I discovered and wanted to share with you. My camera, just wouldn’t cooperate. This happens much more often than you know, I’m using a 250.00 version, not a 2,500.00.

And sometimes, its frustrating.


walk acorn

An acorn cap, tucked away under the pine needles.

And it’s brother…

walk acorn

Hiding nearby.

Now.  Now I normally make it a rule to not move anything I take a photo of.  Kinda a self-proclaimed purity.  But today, today I just couldn’t seem to get anything into focus.  So I laid on the ground, flat on my belly and moved the acorn a fraction of an inch.  To where it rested on the small, green foliage next to it.

What was out of focus a few seconds ago was now clear and concise.

I’m not claiming any great discovery here, only sometimes, to get focused….you have to lie on your belly in the dirt and move things around a bit to get it right.

Not glorified or fun.

But practical I think.

walk dog nosey

While I was on the ground, Noesy thought I was quite odd.

walk nosey

I guess I am.

A cedar……

walk cedar tree

A pine…….

walk pine tree

A wave……..in which I feel a lot like Mulan.  Although, I’m not sure why….

walk shadow

Good-bye my friends, thanks for walking with me today!

walk fence barn

You are the best!


6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 2/2/2016

  1. Pretty flowers! I love the medians on some highways where they have sown wild flowers! I think I will sow some around my yard!


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