Wicked Walk 2/16/2016

School, laundry and chickens dominated the day.  However, the Texas weather has been…….awesome.  So we both took a break from our duties and explored the yard, field and creek.

Here is what we saw.

Addie took over my camera, and along with five thousand, two hundred and eighteen pictures of my car, the horse trailer and the sky……she took these.

I thought they were pretty fun!

More flowers are blooming every day.  My yard smells like heaven.


Peaches, the cat, decided to join us today.  I guess the sunshine just had everyone in a wandering mood…..

IMG_3146 Of course, being a cat, he had several demands.

Which included being carried part of the way.

Although from that expression I’m not QUITE sure if this was his idea or not…….


Max found this business very serious.  Cat carrying is, well……serious.


The rain finally stopped and now its really dry.  This is also serious business.  A balance would be nice….

And, we made it to the creek!


Did you know that if you throw sand from “the beach” into the creek and make a wish, a fairy will find your wish and grant it?


Can’t hurt to try, now can it?

I threw some too.


Peaches did not make a wish, he was too busy climbing.

Thanks for walking with us in the sun shine today!

I hope your day is awesome!

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