Wicked Walk 4/28/2016

I went shopping today.  Shopping for me is not a fun task, a thing to be celebrated nor an outing of great anticipation.  It’s more like a ‘I need some Tums and a Vodka on the Rocks’ kinda’ experience.  Today, however, turned out surprising well.  My darling child, all of whose pants have mysteriously been transformed into capris over the last several weeks, found some nice shorts and t-shirts and a belt.  I managed to find a skirt and 2 pairs of shorts.  AND my darling husband, who decided to join us at the last minute, grabbed up 5 new work shirts.  We only spent 45.51.  ‘Cause I love Goodwill and that’s how we roll.

We enjoyed a nice lunch, at a charming place called the Old Magnolia Café.  It is a sandwich shop, coffee bar and antique mall combined.  Then, we visited an old, family owned shoe store, where not only did I snag 2 super cute pairs of flip-flops for my giant feet.  My husband was able to order some shoes he had been looking for at big-box stores for weeks.  The sweet man who owns the store just kept bringing me adorable flip-flips, all in my size, it was so hard to narrow it down!  Yay for small town stores, shoes and service!

See my new shoes?  I haven’t treated myself to new shoes in………well.  Its only been a year.  But, I’m happy!  They are comfy and cute and I spent less than 60 bucks.


I don’t mind second-hand clothes.  But shoes and underwear.  I gotta buy those new, sorry y’all.

By the way, I know I’m no foot model and my flippers have these creepy long toes, but.  I am a grown-up and I’ve embraced my feet.  Sorta.

AND.  I do not have a butterfly tattoo on my foot.  At least, not a real one.  Not that I mind tattoos.  On certain people they can be kinda sexy.  However.  I am not one of those people.  I have a very low pain tolerance and quite frankly, every time I glance down and see the sticker on my foot, I think its a spider and have a mild panic attack.  Plus, it freaked my dad out.  Sorry dad.


Moving on.  Here is what I saw on my walk.

Peaches.  Peaches is not dead.  He is worthless.  He spends 23.5 hours a day like this.

I love him.


My Johnny-Jump-Ups are almost gone.  I look forward to them each spring!


Roadside beauties at their best!
I love the idea of living on a dirt road. I love taking pictures of dirt roads. My car, has other ideas.
Oh well.
Here I is.
It IS pretty!
Thanks for joining me y’all!

4 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 4/28/2016

  1. You are a most amazing kid to be as young as you are, I’m mighty proud to be your Papa. Your photo talent is as captivating as the woman I fell in love with. May you be continually blessed with folks who love you and your talent and what you share from our Gods creation. Nothing like the dance of lightning bugs set to the music of a east Texas spring night with bullfrogs as a backup. Love you Dad


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