Wicked Walk 5/19/2016

Well, I still have no news on ‘the move’.  But that is nothing new and something I’ve given to God, therefore, I refuse to worry about it.  Other than brief panic attacks.  But, I’m only human.

Thursday, the 19th of May, was lovely.  It was cool, cloudy and rainy.  Since it was our day off, and Addie will do anything to prolong the inevitability of math worksheets, we went for a walk together.  Had we been nice girls, we would have ridden with Rob to town to pick up a fitting for the chicken’s water faucet that decided to strip out.  But, no.  We let him go off on his own and we walked down the road and onto the train tracks.

Here is what we saw.

My blackberries aren’t ready yet but the black-eyed Susan’s were showing off big time! My plum tree has a plum, which is awesome. The white clover is seeding out and the roadside flowers are in full bloom.
Addie loves the train tracks, because, you know. Rocks.
Note the official “Rock Collectors Stance”
I was commissioned to help carry said treasures.
Even though I’m more of a Mushroom and Flower Girl myself.
I do love a good rock though…….

Thunder was rumbling in the west and before we knew it……
We were dancing in the rain!
And those little drops were COLD!
So we took a shortcut home, via a game trail over the fence behind the chicken pen.
The roan horse thought we were afflicted.
Which, we kinda are. Ha!
These zinnia’s planted themselves by the burn pile. I must have thrown some dried ones out last spring. Aren’t they pretty?

Back on the porch, Addie played me a song and we spent the day watching the rain. And working on those darn math sheets!
Thanks for walking with us today!

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