I’m alive!

Hi everyone!  So, this has been an interesting year so far, the first 5 months were spent in limbo.  These folks from Houston wanted to buy our little farm in Maydelle, Texas.  It wasn’t for sale, I mean it’s my HOME, and has been for almost 10 years.  But, as the saying goes, “Money Talks” and well, we are walking.  Rather rapidly now because, just when we thought all was lost, the bank called and said “We are closing Wednesday”.  That was last week and so we now have only 2 weeks and 2 days to move 6 horses, 16 chickens, a dog, a cat, a 7-year-old child, a teenage boy, two lifetimes worth of plates, books, saddles, camping gear, tables, chairs, beds, lamps, clothes and one tadpole.  The tadpole is currently living in my lawn cart. I just fed him a Cheerio.

I think tadpoles like Cheerios.

Highlight of all this……I was dumpster diving at the Family Dollar for boxes last Saturday.  I wasn’t quite tall enough to get what I needed so I found a Dr. Pepper case, the hard, plastic kind, and used it as a step-stool.  Just as I got perched and bent WAY over into the bin (sporting my short-chevron print dress no less) up walks a teenage boy pushing a cart full of boxes.  I quickly straightened up, hopped down and said, rather sheepishly, “I’m just stealing boxes”.  “You have really nice legs” he replies, “Here take these boxes, these are better”.  And thus I got a cart-full of non-dumpster boxes, an ego-boost and it was a good day.

Moral of the story: Nice legs will get you free boxes.  No dumpster diving required.

In the midst of all this, I am taking a break to see Kristin Chenoweth!!!

The show was supposed to be in March but the town flooded.  So, they moved the show to June.  My darling husband, who doesn’t really care for “those singing movies”, has no idea what to expect.  However, I think he will be pleasantly surprised!

And, just for fun, one of my favorite Kristin tunes, on the Today show in 2014.

Sing it girlfriend!



 Isn’t she adorable?

I. Am. So. Excited.

Next up, I’ll have a walk or two and introduce y’all to our new place.  Which is 90 acres.  And has no water.  No electricity.  No driveway. And, no dwelling.

It’s gonna be fun!


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