Sneaky Snake

Last week, I was casually checking eggs and freshening up the water when I saw him.  Black, with a pretty pattern, small, glossy eyes and a red tongue.  He saw me too.  And he left, after participating in a stare-off with me.  I guess I won, since he left first.  I told Addie about him, she ran outside to catch a glimpse.  “He’s gone!” I hollered after her.

Fast-forward 3 minutes.  “MOM!  Come HERE, QUICK!”  I hurried over and she was standing underneath a large tree next to the coop.

This is what we saw……….


I’ve seen lots of big snakes.  I’ve seen lots of big snakes in my coop.  But I’ve never seen one in a tree!  “Run and get my camera!” I told Addie.  Kids are so handy sometimes.

He stayed there a long time, watching us while we watched him.



His large, 6 foot plus, body draped gracefully over the branches.

As I watched him sliding silently over the limbs, I wondered how many times I had walked underneath his body and never seen him.

He gave us a sideways glance….


Then slithered into the adjacent tree.

addieAddie was most pleased with her sighting.

And for some perspective……


Can you spot him in the tree?????

Have a great day, and watch out for those sneaky snakes!

p.s. I saw him again yesterday, he ate 4 eggs then made a dash for the tree.

Bye-bye Mr. Sneaky Snake!


5 thoughts on “Sneaky Snake

  1. Kinda like the snake in Jungle Book! I could watch that movie over and over just to see the snake! I have seen snakes in the trees along the river here in Georgia! Have to be careful cause they fall in your boat! That’s a big sneaker! I give them lots of room & will not bother them unless they’re taking my space & will then move them back to the woods if possible! I hope they leave your eggs & chickens alone!


      • You need to get some glass eggs for the snakes to swallow. The problem gets solved!!!! That’s what we did with our chickens and pheasants back in the day.


      • Honestly, I thought that too until last year. Last year I walked in on one eating a nest egg Addie had colored and he regurgitated it right in front of me! And it was all the way down, wish I had a video of it! 😀


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