Last Morning

Today is Wednesday.  It is 7:00 a.m. and I’m on my third cup of coffee.  I can hear the loggers down the road, the depressing sound of saws and falling trees gets more distant each day as they work their way deeper into the forest.  In contrast, there is a small herd of deer in the pasture to my left.  Browsing for breakfast peacefully beneath the large oak trees dotting the field.  A female hummingbird hovers nearby, taking quick sips from the feeder and the blooming lantana that threatens to take over the porch.  Addie sits in front of me, a bowl of sand and a red scoop in her hand, building……something.

It’s funny, last things.  Most of the time, you don’t know it’s the Last Time, until it’s already over.  For example, when I sold my kitchen earlier this year, I had no idea the week before, the 2 Lemon Buttermilk Pies I made, would be the last thing I ever baked in that space.  About 2 weeks ago, my husband and I sat out on the porch of the barn, as we often do, talking about our day, watching the chickens peck and the horses graze.  The next day, the chairs were packed and stored.

Today is different.  Because tomorrow we move.  And I’m super excited.  But I am very tired.  Every day I’ve had off work, I’ve moved stuff.  Yesterday, I made 3 trips to the house we will be staying in.  It’s 45 minutes, 1 way.  Ugh.

But, after tomorrow, we will be done.  I have a list of 1,967 things to do, clean and not forget tomorrow.  Which is why I’m sitting here, in the full knowledge it will be the last time I do so.

Fast Forward.

Right now, I’m sitting in what used to be my parents living room.  It is now a guest room.  Tomorrow is my daughters 8th birthday party and that house that was 45 minutes away, is even farther from here.  Thus, a sleep-over was in order.  It is odd, staying in your childhood home.  For one thing, they remodeled the bathroom, and its awesome.  For another, I had 3 glasses of wine.  Not happening when I was like, 12.  Because I have awesome parents.  But, the strangest thing is, it is my CHILDHOOD home.  I miss my husband.  My cat. My neurotic dog.  My pillow.  My adult home.  Even though, at this point, it’s a rental home, I miss the people, pets and things in it.

You know what’s funny?

After sitting that last time on my old porch, writing the beginning of this post.  I’ve been back several times to gather odds and ends, things we left.  And the new owners have remodeled (it looks amazing) and even though it’s still the same porch.  The same flowers.  The same yard.  I don’t feel sad.  I don’t miss it.  I thought I’d be pitiful, but I’m not.  Now, it is theirs to enjoy and I have new adventures on the horizon.  It is a bit strange, but it’s okay.  Much more okay than I thought it would be.

I realize I’m rambling but there is a lot going on in my head right now.  What you need to know now is this.  I have no internet.  I have no phone service.  I am in the 1800’s until we get moved into our new house.  Which, will be awhile.  So please, stick with me.  I’ll sneak off to town and post as often as possible, I miss y’all already!

Here is a picture from my old porch………


It was lovely, was it not?

I’ll try and post pictures from the new porch soon.  There are donkeys, a grey horse, a goat, and several deer not to mention an obese wild boar and a raccoon.

I’ll keep ya’ posted!


3 thoughts on “Last Morning

  1. I love the old country song by John Anderson named “Swingin”! In it he describes what various people around the house are doing! It reminds me of the many times that I as a child and adult but mostly as a child spent in an old front porch swing getting that thing to where I could almost touch the ceiling and wondering if the eye bolts were gonna hold or if the old chain could stand it! I don’t have a front porch now as we got this place for a steal in the country! I’m gonna build me a front porch though and a swang as many of my Jawjah friends call them! I never got too attached to a place as a child and young man as my dad being a preacher moved us about every other year plus he did construction work and that often dictated where we went so he could make a living so I sure can sympathize the moving pains! Enjoy your new place and I look forward to pictures from your front porch and back one too! Maybe you will have a side porch! Just show us the view from them all as your pictures depict the things in life I love!


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