Itty Bitty Fairy Land

Addie’s obsession with Fairy Houses bleeds over into most aspects of our lives in one way or another.  This particular day, a bird’s nest, moss, eucalyptus leaves, saw-tooth oak leaves and my potted tree were called upon to help continue the effort.


I mean, seriously, why leave a perfectly good pot filled with just DIRT.

When you can have this….


What fairy would not want to perch under this nest, sheltered from the sun, with cool moss beneath her feet?

Sign me up!


On another note, I love how the birds use hair from the horses manes and tails in their nest.  It reminds of ‘Sarah, Plain and Tall’.

Did you ever see that?  It was a Hallmark movie, based on a book by Patricia MacLachlan, about this mail order bride……It starred Glenn Close and Christopher Walken.  Anyway, there is this one part when she gives the children a haircut then tosses the hair all over the yard for the birds to build their nests.  Everyone thought she was crazy.  But now, whenever I wash my hair, I like to go out on the front porch and sit in my rocking chair and I toss whatever falls out, into the yard.  For the birds.  And it’s a LOT.  I seriously do not know how I am not bald.  Everyone probably thinks I’m crazy too, come to think of it……

Oh, well!

I am just glad to have my own little fairy to build houses, convert nests and remind me to see beauty and creativity in everything.


 Addie, being her little creative self.


5 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Fairy Land

  1. I love miniatures! I think I could enjoy a hobby building little towns, farms & a complete railway to go through it! I love the creativity of a child & your little one has some fun ideas! Amazing too is God’s recycling system! We could learn from our Creator & birds & a child!


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