While I am residing without internet at my current home, I am VERY happy to report that the local eating/beer joint/hangout, has Wi-Fi!  Yay!  Happy day!

So, for the first time in my life, I find myself on a Tuesday afternoon, camped out in a room full of strangers, blogging.  It is kinda fun (of course I’m only like 5 sentences into it, ha!).  There is an older couple in the booth in front of me.  A lone women, also on a computer, across the room on my right.  Between us, a young couple, 2 kids, a baby and their grandmother.  3 men just walked in, dirty and hot looking, seeking some lunch.  The walls are covered with cool signs and old farm tools.  The walls are brick and country music plays at a very comfortable decibel in the background.

I like our new home.

I’ll blog more about my new hangout another day.  This day, I want you to see the 90 acres we bought!

I. Am. So. Excited.


The driveway turns off the county road to the left, 2 huge oak trees guard it on either side.


I’m kinda in love with our driveway.  Once the big trucks are finished going in and out, we will get something pretty to go on top.  But for now, red dirt it is.


It winds thru the trees…….


And comes out in the first field.  Which is where we will build our house, shop and barn.  When we bought the place, we couldn’t even drive on it.  Yay for tractors, men and dirt.  And driveways.


My poor husband.  This is the view looking back toward the road.

And, this is where the house will be!


The driveway comes in just to the left in this picture.  And, there is a house pad here now.

This is where the garden and barn will be…..


And, now lets go to the next field!


You take this little road and go over a small creek……


Up a little hill, thru a few trees and here you are!

I know, it really needs bush hogging, but isn’t it pretty!  I’d show you the pond, but the grass is too tall right now.  We are working on that.

Go thru another small patch of trees and you come into ‘my’ field.  It is the smallest, but my favorite.

It is oval-shaped and surrounded on all sides by huge oak and elm trees.

Travel thru yet another patch of woods and small creek…..


And you come to, what we have dubbed, the big field.

Because, you know its really big.

We are clever like that.


An old hay trap lies in the corner and huge hackberry trees grace the front.

Addie and I love it!


And, now you know what our place looks like!

I’m sorry it took so long but that whole internet thing has thrown me off.  But I have a feeling I’ll be sneaking off more often now that I know where to go!  And, the place will be changing a lot over the next few months, I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Have a great day, and thanks for joining us!


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