About 3 weeks ago I had to run over to our new place to get a few pictures of the slab.  The bank needed me to text them over.  So I left the house about 30 minutes early and parked by the road, choosing to walk to the house rather than bother with the gate.  Pictures taken on my phone, I was almost back to the car when a huge, soft shadow passed right over my head.  I peered up into a small pine and there he was.

The most lovely, somber-eyed creature in the forest.


I just happened to have my camera in the front seat.  I eased over the gate, told Addie to hush and eased back to the tree.

He was still there, daring me to take his picture.

So I did.


After this, I motioned for Addie to come see him.  He was so patient and, well.  Superiour acting.

I will give him that one.


He finally flew into a taller pine, and watched us as we left.
I am happy to report, since these pictures were taken, the owl has been seen 3 more times. I guess we are going to be neighbors. Therefore, since all neighbors need names……I am calling him Archimedes.  Because, you know, the Sword and the Stone.
Classic Disney, people, Classic Disney.

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