Taking Shape

I hope I’m not boring you with house stuff, but that’s the biggest thing going in my world right now.


I’ve tried to take a few seconds to soak in the details.

Wood shavings….


Penciled in notes…..


And doors marked just for us.


I told my husband, just last night, how this doesn’t seem real.

And, it still doesn’t.  I wish I had time to breathe it all in.  Sit and watch it unfold.  But, there are too many obligations.  Too many fingers tugging at my pocketbook, schedule and mind.

Yet, still.  It is happening.

The kitchen, bedrooms, living room, bathrooms, all coming into their own.


And I’m just an outside player right now. But, before long I’ll be donning my painters cap and wearing out a brush!
Little by little, one travels far.
But, in this case, if the journey proves to be too long…..

We Do have an Astro Johnny.img_7813
‘Cause, like they say…….they are # 1!

6 thoughts on “Taking Shape

  1. Well, if I lived closer I would come over and help paint! I tend to be a Mickey Mouse painter though since I kept Mickey’s place looking great and it had to be done to his specifications! It looks as if you’re ready to invite guests as you stand there as the beautiful hostess in the doorway! Hope it goes well & the day comes soon when you will officially be able to show it off! Once it gets to the point you are now it seems to just slow down as all the trades start coming in! I truly enjoyed my years in construction before Disney! It was fun to help put a building together! I spent lots of hours in the portable toilets too if you add up all the visits to them over the years! I remember the times before they were required on job sites and that was when you looked for a tree to get behind! They were good for an emergency but sure could get overly ripe sometimes! Phew! Astro has a good motto! Haha!


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