Wicked Walk 11/25/2016

I know, I know….this walk is from November.  But I’ve been a little busy with the holidays, building a house, working and home schooling and trying to keep everyone in clean underwear.  And you know, life.

I can not tell you how ready I am in to be back in a house of my own.  To sip coffee from my favorite cup.  To build another flock of chickens, to plant a garden.  Have internet access.

But, enough of that!  Lets observe some nature shall we!?!

Yes, we shall.  Here is what I saw.


My charming little human, who fractured her wrist in 2 places last week. But that is another post.
She loves walking with me and finding things to put in her museum. Another thing we miss, since it is packed with all our other belongings.

The leaves were still clinging to a few trees in November.

img_7923Now they are all quite naked.img_7929

We spied some prickly pears,
Amazing fungi.

And one very mad looking crawfish!
He was just walking up the road like he owned the whole county. We had been receiving a LOT of rainfall, I’m sure his crawdad hole had been washed away.
So he was headed out.
This tree was shading him, I don’t think he was very appreciative.
Crawfish rarely are.

And we made it back to the driveway just before another shower.
I am still very much in love with our driveway. And we have a mailbox now. And we even got some mail in it! And I changed my driver’s license to the new address. And my picture is the worst picture in the entire history of drivers license pictures.

You will not see it.  Ever.

Thanks for walking with us today!

6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 11/25/2016

  1. Just don’t get stopped with that new license picture! Don’t want the cop fainting! The place you live looks so peaceful! I don’t know how Mr/Ms crawdad could have a bad day living there! The road behind little human is beautiful & she makes it prettier! Such a beautiful part of Texas!


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