Wasp~A short and horrible ode

Once upon a time there was a girl.  She had a wooden bench on her porch and a dirty front door.  She decided to clean the front door.  The wasp housed under the wooden bench decided to attack.  The husband spat tobacco on the sting.  The friend drowned it in essential oils.  The piano teacher suggested tooth paste.  The husband applied mud poultice and horse cream.  The girl, well.  She can hardly walk and has a cankle the size of Dallas.

The husband killed all the wasps.

The End.

This a bee. Not a wasp. I have never taken a picture of a wasp. Only bees. But I needed a picture and you don’t want to see my foot, I promise.

Side Note:  The husband, friend and piano teacher do not all live at my house.  Just the husband and now deceased wasps.  This has turned into a 3 day ordeal.  Thanks for reading.

15 thoughts on “Wasp~A short and horrible ode

  1. Well, you know how I feel about them. Was it a red wasp? Anyway, for the record, I used “European” clay (also called French Green Clay) as a poultice on that last sting and it was flat within ten minutes. It was a little ‘zingy’ for about an hour, but no swelling at all. Of course, this probably doesn’t help you out NOW. I’m sorry; I hate stings. They are the pits.

    Jason thinks it’s funny that I check under all the chairs/tables/etc. before I sit outside. I know what lurks beneath. If anyone is going to sit on top of a wasp nest, it’s me.

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  2. I am SO sorry about that sting! Do wasps have it in for you the way they target your mom? Red wasps seem like the terrorists of the buggy world, right along with fire ants – they just want to hurt somebody!


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