Wicked Walk ~ Labor Day 2017

Good afternoon, dear reader!  I’ve been away for quite some time, trying to get back into the swing of things.  While I was gone, WordPress changed formats so I’m thoroughly confused.  Therefore, if this post looks bad, isn’t centered or whatever……I’m sorry.  I don’t do change well and I’ve had a lot of them thrown at me this last year.  For starters, my step son is almost 18, recently got his license and has a girlfriend.  These are all adult parenting issues which I am not mentally prepared to deal with.

I was 18 about 6 months ago.

This also presents of the issue of balancing out the little sister problem.  Little sister, age 9, wants to go everywhere with said girlfriend and brother.  As I type this I can hear wailing from the adjacent room.  I made her stay home so they could go fishing at the pond.  You’d have thought I cut her off toes and killed all 4 of her cats.


And then, there were the knats.  I know not from whence they came.  But I do know it took 3 bombs, a quart of Bifen spray and a lot of whapping.  Three weeks I fought them, day and night.  There was no peace in my nice, new house.  But now, now all is well.

They are all in Hell.

There have been lots of other things going on as well.  But, they can wait.

Here is what I saw.


Guess what?

I just figured out how to get my old format restored!  Happy Day!  I can function again!

Okay, here is what I saw over Labor Day weekend.

The changing leaves are just starting to turn loose and it is pleasant reminder that fall is on her way.

The ever-growing acorns and colorful sumac are also fun reminders!

This white oak tree impresses me every time I walk underneath it.

A beautiful tower indeed.

I’ve been a bit surprised by the lack of mushrooms, we’ve had a lot of rain the whole summer. These were still fun, and still holding on to some dew.

I also love how dirt clings to their caps as they rise up from the ground.  It’s fascinating.

Oh good, the 4-wheeler is back, which means the teenagers are back, which means there is a 99.9 percent chance the wailing will end.  Guess the fish weren’t biting. Hehehehe.

I like to call this little stretch The Boulevard.  The fence rows are so grown up on both sides it is like a 12 foot tall green fence.  The nice thing is it is almost always shaded.  The bad part is you can’t see anything.


Note the hidden horse.

Only revealed if you look through a certain gap.

They are a bit wild.

Isn’t this a pretty, old barn?!?

Then I saw these horse apples aka Osage Orange aka Bois d’arc Fruits.

Can you imainage what it would do if one landed on your head?  Henny Penny wouldn’t have made it……

If, one sad day, I turn up mauled by a dog……..

It was probably this one.  And her twin friend.  Both of then growl and snip and bark and lunge every time I walk by.  It’s the only unpleasant part of a 4 mile journey so I guess I can’t complain TOO much.  After all, I’ve been walking these roads since June and have had a total of 6 cars pass me.  Three of which times I happen to be married to the driver.

Almost Home.

Thanks for walking with me today.  I’m going to try and catch you up on the wild events of the summer this week and then we can move forward into FALL!

Love you, peeps!



7 thoughts on “Wicked Walk ~ Labor Day 2017

  1. Love it! My Oxblood lilies are out, too. I haven’t had them in so long, I forgot when they bloom. It’s a pleasant surprise after the grossness of summer, although this one has not been bad heat-wise.


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