Coming Out Party

One of my favorite things about having chickens is getting to throw coming out parties! Of course the chickens aren’t nearly as into it as I am but for me…its a highlight! You see when I bring home my adorable little chickies they are kept safely tucked away in a (mostly) varmint proof pen until they have all their ‘big chicken’ feathers and are roughly half the size of a grown counterpart. I will introduce them to the main flock late in the evening so if anybody feels like fighting they give up pretty quick to go to bed and by the next morning it’s just “Oh look Bob, it’s a mini me” and everyone is cool. I let them all hang out a few days to get accustomed to the pen and their new BFF’s. Then, it is time. Time to open the door to the world, let those little chicken feet scratch fresh dirt, peck growing grass, fly and flap and flop with no boundaries! Chase bugs, eat bugs, run like the dickens to make sure nobody else gets the bug! I grab a lawn chair, a cool beverage, my camera and spend that first evening taking it all in. Coming out IS a big deal and I’m glad to be able to share it with them and you!  Click on an image to enlarge the cuteness!

One thought on “Coming Out Party

  1. ha ha! I know what you mean! I opened the door for my silkies about a month ago… they weren’t very brave, took them two weeks to take that first step out the door. They still stay within 20ft of the coop and they have a half acre just for them!

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