America the Beautiful

It is Memorial Day weekend and like most people I spent some time at the lake with friends, ate a hotdog and got a mild sunburn.  I also went for a walk like I often do at the state forest near our home.  As I walked I began to reflect on Memorial Day and what it really means.  I begin to think of my grandfather who served in WWII on Iwo Jima.  I thought of my friends who served in Desert Storm.  I thought of my cousin who serves now in the Air Force.  And I thought of all those who never got to come home.  “What can I do” I was thinking to myself…not much.  But then it occurred to me, I can do something.  I can do a lot.
They fight for and we live in America the Beautiful.  I can pick up trash so that when our defenders come home they don’t have to search for America the Beautiful under a pile of McDonalds cups and Wal-Mart bags.  They fight for religious freedom, so I can go to church.  They fight so I am free to make educational choices for my child, therefore I homeschool.  They fight so we can all live in peace, I can be kind to those around me.  They fight so we don’t have to live in fear therefore I should be bold in defending what I know is right.  They fight because they have found something worth fighting for.  And I honor, respect and love them for that.
So I intend to pay tribute to them in some way, every day.   I’ll pick up a piece of trash when I walk by it.  I’ll go to church every chance I get.  I’ll strive to educate my daughter to become an honest, respectable, honorable woman.  I’ll be quick to forgive and slow to anger when dealing with others.  I will stand up for them because they stand up for me.  And I will take walks and be thankful each and every time that I live in a country where I can do so in freedom.
I will take it in, I will slow down, I will appreciate and be forever thankful for America the Beautiful and those who serve her both near and far.

Here are the photos from my walk, they show what America looks like by my house.  I hope you enjoy them.

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