Fish Truck!

I have been a retail slave 14 years now and 11 of those have been spent at Farm & Ranch Feed.  I left my post here only twice, once to move to Finland as an exchange student then again several years later to open a bakery.  I highly recommend going to Finland, opening a bakery…..not so much!  I say that to say this, I love my job.  I get to see and do things most people don’t and Fish Day with the Fish Truck is one of the things I love!


The fish truck arrives with 2 men, several dozen buckets and thousands of fishes in special holding tanks.

For those of you who might not know the fish truck is a huge truck that goes around the country selling fish to stock ponds and lakes.  They travel from town to town stopping about an hour at each place selling catfish, crappie, bass, minnows, bluegills and various other aquatic residents.


See all the little swimmers?!

They are normally sold by the 100 and come in all sizes.  The larger the fish the higher the price.  If you buy enough fish they will bring them to your pond!


Baby catfish….

Most people just come to the feed store, get in line and order their fish in the parking lot.


Hi Mr. Hammonds…..

They (the fish) are placed carefully in a clear plastic bag that the men blow oxygen into from a large tank so the fish make it to their new home without suffocating.


Have a shot of air there little ones!

It takes a special kind of person to work on a fish truck, you must be good with people, good with fish and willing to work in any type of weather.  The fish man is kinda like the mail man only he brings fish, not mail, which is way more fun!


Scooping up a few unwilling participants….

You also have to be able to climb on and off the fish truck without falling down as well as keep up with your sunglasses.

I couldn’t work on the fish truck.


Each tank holds a specific type and size of fish, won’t do to get them mixed up!


Working on the fish truck takes balance too, see that little ledge? Ick!

There are several fish trucks around the country but these gentleman hail from Dunn’s Fish Farm in Arkansas. 


Minnows! Or as they are called around here ‘minners’.

So if you find yourself in need of some fishes, call your local feed store,

I’ll bet they have a fish truck too!

Fish in a Bag.

Fish in a Bag.


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