Not a Cow

There are many reasons I’m glad I’m not a cow.  For example, I have no fear of ever being eaten.  I didn’t have to give birth outdoors.  Flies don’t have a tendency to gather on my body where I can’t reach them.  Actually flies don’t have a tendency to gather anywhere on my body.  Getting de-wormed is not something I have to be concerned about.  I’m not at the mercy of someone else to feed me or water me.  I’m not expected to produce a child every year or two for the rest of my life.  I don’t weigh over a thousand pounds and share a pasture with a bull who probably hits the scale somewhere about the one ton mark.

On the other hand I can’t stick my tongue up my nose nor can I produce cud.  And the cow doesn’t have a car payment, job in town, laundry or an extensive to-do list.

These things all aside here is the number one reason I am glad I’m not a cow…..

Now that's one fine udder.  I'm just glad it's on her, not me.

Now that’s one fine udder. I’m just glad it’s on her, not me.

I love cows.

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