So long Summer……

 The last hay cutting sends a beloved message to my soul, a message that autumn is here with winter nipping at its heels.  Hailing in fallen leaves, crisp mornings and cool nights with scents of smouldering pine lingering in the air.  The fields, dotted with square and round treasures, are silent.  Leaning against a freshly made bale, I can feel the prickly stems getting tangled in my hair as I slowly inhale the clean smell, the smell that shall soon fill the barn as well as the bellies of our trusted steeds in the coming months.

So, so long summer.  See you next year.


6 thoughts on “So long Summer……

  1. If you go out onto 84, take a left and go towards Palestine. There is THE prettiest hay pasture out on the left side. Green fields dotted with round bales. I would have stopped, but I had groceries in the car. I just saw it yesterday.

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