Tater Tot & The Giant Mushroom

Looking out across the pasture behind our house you might think we had an epic hail storm or weird fall blizzard.  There are mushrooms EVERYWHERE.  Which makes me super-duper happy since I think mushrooms are the neatest thing on earth.  I slipped on my muck boots, grabbed my camera and traipsed thru the slosh to take some pictures, naturally.  mushroomTater had his eyes on me…..


….and decided to come say ‘Hi’.

Hi Tater Tot.


I know he was wondering what on earth I was doing sloshing around his pasture with a black box in my hand.

So he checked it out!


“What’s the big deal Mom?”

“I step on these things ALL THE TIME!”


I thought his legs framed it rather nicely.


I love my Tater Tot.


Silly Boy.

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