Wicked Walk 10/8/2014

Today was a special day!  My little sister, who has been globe-trotting for about 5 years, flitted down at home base for awhile and came to walk with me.  I rarely take people with me when I walk, and have never taken another adult, so I made sure she knew how lucky she was!  (that was supposed to be funny).  Down the road and thru the forest we went.

Here is what we saw.


I pass this felled, moss covered tree often.  I’m not sure why it caught my eye today but it did……

walk moss

…..the amount of life found in just a few square inches fascinates me.

walk fungi

This was lying in the trail.  Fungi on a stick.  Sounds like a treat you would find at a carnival for monsters.

“Slimy Fungi-On-A-Stick!  Get’em ‘fore they be gone!”

Did I mention it was a monster carnival with a pirate theme?  Well, it was.

walk fungi

They would probably sell these as well, who needs cotton candy when THIS is available?

“Ringed-Rubber Flakes, Ringed-Rubber Flakes!  Get’em now, get’em quick, they’re better than Fungi-on-a-stick!”

I think I’ll just have a funnel cake.

Here is my sister, she is poking a stick in some weird fuzz we found…

walk rita

Weird fuzz up close.

walk fungi

It reminded me of an ensnared alien brain.  Not that I’ve ever seen an ensnared alien brain, but if I did I bet It’d look just like this!

Since I hadn’t seen my sister in almost a year I spent a great deal of time talking and not looking where I was going which almost resulted into my full-fledged transformation into Chuck Norris thanks to this spider….who was very much alive.

walk spider

My sister thought it was funny.

walk lizard

Hereeee Lizard, Lizard!

wakl fungi

Extremely cool, squishy orange thingy’s growing on a fire-damaged log.

walk fungi

Another dead tree covered in life.

walk mushroom


walk acorn

A recently vacated acorn cap.

walk mushroomwakl mushroom

I love mushrooms.

walk flower

The flowers are getting smaller, fewer and farther between…..

walk fungi

Everywhere I looked I seemed surrounded by fungi…..on sticks.

walk rita

Rita, an archeology major, found this rock in the road.  She said it was a scraper, that some Indian dropped it a really long time ago.  Since I know nothing about Indian’s, scrapers or rocks in general I’m going to settle for a picture.  I like rocks.

walk butterfly

And butterflies.  I like butterflies even more than rocks.

walk butterfly

Thanks for joining us today, until next time!

Have a great day y’all!

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