Wicked Walk 1/7/2015

There are several reasons I call the great state of Texas home.  I’ll not bother listing them all now but one main reason is the weather.  Sure, summers are hot but the winters are mild and wonderful.  I don’t know who moved me without my permission but the last couple of weeks I’ve not spent in the lovely, mild winter weather east Texas is known for.  Wednesday January 7th was clear and sunny with a wind chill of 12 degrees.  TWELVE DEGREES.  I walked, rather quickly, around my garden spot and the horse pasture.

Here is what I saw.

flagOld Glory doesn’t seem to mind the fact it is twelve degrees.

walk grassAmazingly, neither does this hardy winter grass.

walk horseOr the horses.  Maybe I am the only one with a problem here……

walk horsewalk horse

Pokey’s only problem was an itch.

walk horsePokey is a pretty boy.

walk budThis bud will also be pretty very soon.  I mean, it is pretty now but in a few days it will burst forth with purple and yellow and white petals seeking the cold, winter sun with its cheery face.

I look forward to that.

The sun was setting rapidly so I hurried along….

walk sunThis is right at the end of my garden spot, looking back toward the yard.

walk logI love how the bark looks like a ruffle draped casually over the trunk.  It reminds me of a rustic wedding cake.

I moseyed on a few more steps and saw this……
walk fieldIsn’t this lovely?

walk leafThe grass blades are having a shadow puppet show!

Cuteness Alert!  Baby Cows!

walk calfI love baby cows.  Such sweet little faces!

walk calfKid Rock came over hoping I had a treat of some kind.

walk horseSadly I did not.  I did throw the Killdeers some seeds though.  I think this is their happy face.walk birdwalk birdThey look like little puff-balls on toothpicks.  And when they run?  Hilarious!

Thru the gate and back where I started…….in the orchard at the flag.

walk flagI hope the new year is full of blessing for each and every one of you!

Until next time, thanks for walking with me today!

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