I have a Pecker

I have a pecker.  At least one that I know of, anyone who keeps chickens has had a pecker too.  It is so maddening.  My advice to people with peckers is simple.  Identify the guilty party and remove them from the flock before they teach their bad habits to others.  My advice is easier to give than take however.  First of all, I’m rarely home with enough free time to sit for hours on end waiting for a hen to peck an egg.  Secondly, I love them all.  A lot.  The crock pot is not an option and I’m not going to give a pecker to a friend nor an I going to sell her knowing she may well go into a foreign crock pot.  Le sigh.

So I guess I am stuck.

pecked egg pecked eggWith a damn pecker.

5 thoughts on “I have a Pecker

  1. Now, THAT’S what I call an eye-grabbing title! Hahahaa! Sorry about your pecker problems, sweetie… 😦 Thus far, my flock is pecker-free. But it is only a matter of time before someone starts behaving badly. Chickens. Gotta love ’em! MH

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    • Haha! Thanks, I had to think awhile before posting but but thought, what the heck, its funny! I think they have been bored with all the rain and dreary weather over the past couple of months. Maybe the sunshine and abundance of little bugs and seeds will distract the offender.

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