Wicked Walk 3/25/2015

I have a confession to make.  I forgot to walk until almost 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday March the 25th.  I worked most of the early morning and afternoon then spent 2 hours in the dentist’s chair having some much over-due work done.  Then I drove home in 10 to 15 minute intervals because the dentist affected more me more than I thought.  So instead of a 25 minute drive home it was more like 1.5 hours.  Then I had some wine.  Then I made supper.  Then I realized it was WEDNESDAY!  So I grabbed my camera, ran out into the dying light and snapped some shots to share.

Here is what I saw.

walk flowerwalk flower

Pretty wild onion flowers.

And this really cute child holding an (almost) equally cute chicken.

walk addie chickenThe chicken was less than thrilled.

walk chickenI think she was rather mad……

tree flower walkMy Redbud tree, on the other hand, was quite happy looking.

tree walk flowerI never understood why they called them ‘redbuds’.  They are obviously purple.

Its amazing how much color one can find in the front yard.

Not only on the ground but also in the sky!

walk sunsetAgent was less than impressed.

cat walkCats can be so snooty.

cat walkI thought while I walked around the yard taking pictures I’d pull a carrot or two….

walk wine carrotwalk carrot wineAll my carrots look retarded.

walk sunsetBut the sunset was so pretty I didn’t care.

walk sunsetAnd that is all folks!

walk nightThanks for walking with my my sore-toothed, forgetful, late self today!

Have a great day!


7 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 3/25/2015

  1. Cute child, cute chicken, grand colors, snooty cat, funny carrot & sore chompers! Kinda like Sesame Street & and lessons on the letter “C”! Crazy! Where is “C”ookie Monster wanting a cookie?

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    • Thanks! I have introduced silkies to the main flock as adults with no problems but most of them are all raised from chicks together, being no more than 2 weeks apart. Which may be why they all get along so well. They don’t realize they are different I think….. 🙂

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