Going to the chapel…..

And Yes!  They got married!  I am getting old.  But I still make great cakes!  (pats self on back)

wedding cakeMy mom and sister though, they make great cakes too!  Check out this armadillo!

And yes, that is Boba Fett shooting him.  Star Wars fans unite!

wedding cakewedding cakewedding cakeHow classic?!  Fondant at its best!

I got no pre-wedding photos.  I got no wedding ceremony photos.  But after the event I broke out the camera! The first thing I saw was my brother with our grandparents.  Nannie and Pawpaw, on the right, have been married 68 years and still live alone in the house they built.  Oma and Papa, on the left, have been married 60 years and in the same house since I was born, 32 years ago.

wedding familyWe are SO blessed!

Then I spotted my most pretty sister telling a tale to our Aunt Sherry, who was unwittingly nominated wedding coordinator about 30 minutes before the event.

wedding ritaI love her and her expressive face!

wedding ritaMy Oma and her long-time friend Kay, having a quick hello…..

wedding oma and kayThen a nice family shot. rachel, mom, caleb, rita Me, my mom, my brother and my sister.  I left my dad in charge of my camera and found this later.

wedding dad  Silly dad!

A few more shots with the grandparents….

wedding nannie and ritawedding oma and popwedding, naaie and pawpaw and shaunNannie and Pawpaw with their son, Shaun, our uncle.

My sister and most lovely auntie….

wedding rita and sherryAnd my uncle Shaun with his best friend since childhood, Harold (R) and nephew Stuart (L).

wedding shaun, stu, haroldAll Addie wanted was to play on the playground.

wedding addieBut we convinced her to take a picture with Aunt Rita…..

ritaWho is heading back to Wyoming as you read this…..

rita and addieI love her and miss her already.

rachel and ritaBut such is life.

We all headed to the reception without further ado….

weddingThe bride and groom in our uncles original 1980’s Chevrolet pickup.

weddingweddingSuch a beautiful day to be wed!

wedding mom and ritaMy mom and sister celebrating their cake victory!

weddingCutting the cake!

weddingEating the cake….

weddingJoined together!

weddingweddingNothing like a bleeding armadillo to scream “REDNECK!”

weddingIt was EPIC!

wedding shaunShaun obviously agreed!

Our grandmother got the ass……

oma weddingMy daughter got the head….

addie weddingAnd at that point I decided it was time to go home.

Wedding day complete.


6 thoughts on “Going to the chapel…..

  1. Sure love that Chevy truck! I wonder if the Armadillos that tear up our yard here in Georgia would taste as good as that Texas Armadillo? Beautiful wedding!


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